At Til Foley we want to create pieces that are to be loved by you and uniquely for you. We can accommodate to almost any custom need drawing on your ideas and our unique style here at Til Foley. We offer designs in either 9ct solid gold or 925 sterling silver and can work with a vast array of gemstones and pearls at your request. Our favourites to work with are sapphires, tourmalines and emeralds! From rings to earrings and necklaces we want to help you create something beautiful. The current turnaround for custom pieces is 3-5 weeks during the Christmas/end of year period, excluding shipping/delivery time so please keep this in mind when enquiring if you are doing so as a gift.


Between the 22 of October and 23rd of November is the last chance to order any custom pieces up until late Jan/early Feb of 2022, with very limited spots. Therefore, please put in your request sooner rather than later to ensure you do not miss out. Customs may close sooner if spots are filled prior to mid-November  


In this form please provide as much information as possible on the style of the piece you are after. If you are requesting a ring please specify the ring size if known. We will be in contact within 1-2 business days of your submission.