A story of freshness

Meet Til,

At 16, with the encouragement of her mum, Til undertook a few classes at Dromana potters group and fell in love. From there she began planning and several months on, she began to build her very own studio within the garage of her McCrae home. Now, three years on, Til works in the studio for hours every day creating both commissioned pieces and her own creations that are a product of whatever she feels during a free-flowing session. In those three years, she has slowly built a functional workspace, complete with a pottery wheel, a small kiln, tens of varying glazes for her creations, and all the necessary tools to create her unique items.

Like many people her age, Til has a continuous social media presence with a sizeable following, and she uses this to her advantage. Since beginning her business, she has used Instagram to market and sell her handmade pieces, as well as communicate and advertise to interested buyers and stockists. 

Earlier in 2019, Til celebrated a very big success in her career, when she was featured in the May edition of House & Garden Magazine Australia. The exposure in this publication allowed her business to reach a much larger audience than ever before and gave her the boost she needed to take her venture to the next level. Following the excitement from her magazine feature, she, alongside multiple other young artists living on the Peninsula, held a highly successful ‘art symposium’ at Til's home in McCrae. This opportunity allowed all of the attending artists to market, advertise, and sell their handmade products to potential customers that they might have otherwise been unable to reach.

In late 2019 Til began conducting public workshops from her studio, which have now developed into what can be a private group workshop with drinks and food galore. She regularly posts dates for upcoming workshops through her Instagram which can be booked there.


Til also began the practice of basket weaving in 2019 after undergoing a hip operation leaving her bedridden and unable to attend to the studio. From here she has taught herself this beautiful mediative art and invested in all kinds of raffia and appropriate materials. She now often practices basket weaving along with her ceramics and also integrates the skills at times.  


Now into 2020 Til has taken a small step back from her creative work to study a bachelor of 'Arts Psychotherapy', however with isolation settling in she has found it a perfect time to finally create a website to document and sell her work with the wider community.